The GT Cup is an established part of the UK motorsport scene and each year, continues to grow in stature and popularity.
Founded in 2007 by Marc Haynes as a premium GT sprint series, it has continuously proved to be the championship of choice for discerning sporting drivers.
What differentiates the GT Cup is their professional offering, derived from personal experiences and the values of their founder to provide a genuine driver centred race experience, where sportsmanship and having fun is at the centre of the paddock. Add to this unrivalled access to quality race circuits and providing the very best service at an affordable price. Lastly, BUTE look to share their passion for motorsport with like-minded racers and create an environment and culture where they aspire to exceed expectation and delight their drivers, families, teams, partners and supporters.
The GT Cup paddock is renowned for being friendly and relaxed within a professional atmosphere. The whole paddock from the organisers to the marshals, teams and drivers, collectively look to support each other and share a mutual passion for motorsport.
The racing is strongly contested and the GT Cup maintains and enforces driver standards to protect the values that they uphold. This attention to sporting behaviour is central to their growing success and why the GT Cup is attracting support in the form of manufacturer driver programs. The GT Cup enjoys one of the widest varieties of GT race car grids in the United Kingdom.
Founded on providing a home for a broad range of GT race cars, current and past, all have a place among their Groups structure. The grid is split into six Groups based upon the maximum lap time potential of each car, which means that cars can continue racing in the GT Cup long past their usual life cycle.
Ian Cunningham.Art (‘IC.A’) has been ‘involved’ with the BUTE Motorsport’s GT Cup Championship, since it’s inaugural year, providing photographic services as well as bespoke artwork to organisers, teams, individual drivers, sponsors, ‘Fans’ and supporters of the Championship.
Each year, ‘IC.A’ donates two pieces of exclusive art, depicting the category winning cars which are presented to the winning drivers at each year’s ‘end of season’ awards event.
During the season, a selection of our artwork is displayed, as a focal point, in the main GT Cup hospitality area at most circuits.
In 2020, ‘IC.A’ has further expanded it’s ‘range’ of services offered within the Championship to both Teams and individual Drivers by way of our “Motorsports Partnership” programme (view more by clicking here) – look out for our logo displayed prominently on these cars during the season..
Some recent artworks are pictured below: