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Aston Martin DBR1


Ian Cunningham.ART is a STAFFORD based design studio creating uniquely styled, bespoke artwork (including large format canvas wall-art), photographic services and artwork-based products. 
These services are primarily produced to commission for Motorsport teams and the owners, drivers and collectors of exotic road and race-cars.
The constantly expanding and evolving range of products also feature other ‘subjects’ including aircraft and more recently, ‘pets and wildlife’.


Motorsport Partnerships

For the 2023 Motorsports and Car Club “season”, we will be extending our “Partnership” scheme (and associated promotions) to the following organisations and series:
Click on each for more information and dedicated page (coming shortly…)
                        Aston Martin Owners’ Club                                               British GT Championship (SRO)
        GT Cup Championship (Bute Motorsport)                Ferrari Owners Club GB
Ferrari Challenge UK  (Ferrari NE)                                 TCR UK (Maximum)


New canvas size available: 20×14″ (51 x 36cms)

We’ve listened to our canvas customer’s feedback – the main comment being is that the canvases offered, although exceptional in both quality and value for money, are TOO BIG for display in most “normal homes” and that if a smaller format was offered, more than one different artwork would be ordered instead of a single ‘statement’ piece, taking up the majority of wall space on a given wall…
So, as a trial run, we are offering both of our advertised TCR (Smiley) and British GT championship winning artworks for a limited time in this size.
Pricing for this size / format of canvas wall art artworks is usually £65 (+ p&p) each, but for a limited period, if you would like to purchase your own copy of any of these artworks, please email us directly on info@iancunningham.art before 1st July 2023 to get your (20×14″) canvas wall-art for the special price of £49 (including delivery).  If you would like two, the price would be £90 in total (£45 each), or if you would like all four – the price would be £148 (working out at a staggering £37 per artwork – almost a 50% discount on our usual prices, including delivery?

2022 Motorsport World Cup   “Limited Edition Artwork”

TCR   HONDA Civic FK7 #22 Chris SMILEY / RESTART Racing

New canvas size available: 20×14″ (51 x 36cms)

We have commissioned a limited-edition artwork to commemorate Chris’ selection to represent the UK in the TCR Classification of the 2022 Motorsport World Cup.

To purchase your own copy of this very special artwork, please email us directly on info@iancunningham.art before 1st July 2023 (quoting “TCR MWC2″ to get your (20×14”) canvas wall-art for the special price of £49 (including delivery)


Latest “GT Racing” Artworks

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